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End all human suffering and turn everyone into a super human!

Super excited to be reunited with Regan “magic hands” Walker! I started working with Regan 16 years ago, and so thrilled to have this powerhouse back on my team. Regan is an Osteopath and Registered Massage therapist and can fix anything! She is now booking for Saturdays for those that want to come outside of the work week. ...

Thrilled to introduce you to another old colleague of mine @adrianarentonrkin 💪

Registered kinesiologist, personal trainer, and fascial stretch therapist. If you have never tried fascial stretch therapy (FST), you must. You’ll feel 10 feet tall after.

Adriana has literally trained my whole family as I’m very picky on who I let train them. She is simply the best!

Now offering virtual training and FST to come shortly.

New sign is finally up! 🤗🤗 ...

Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca I haven’t shown many people this pic on the left (as I was self-conscious of it), but will do so now to illustrate my point. On the left is a pic of me doing my first (and only) body building competition about 20 years ago. I had to torture myself in order to look like this. Trained 4 hours a day, ate God awful food, and had to plan and prepare my diet non-stop in order to achieve this look. I also had to dehydrate 24 hours before the competition, and become a different race! It was a crazy amount of work (more than a full-time job) for several months in order to look like this for 1 day.

Within 1 month after the competition, I gained 30 lbs of fat as I mentally broke with the extreme training and diet, and binged not only back, but more than my average weight. I vowed to never do this again as it was simply ridiculous. I accepted the fact that being this lean would only happen on this 1 day of my life.

The pic on the right is me today. I have lost more than 25 lbs of fat this last year (yes during covid, and without access to a gym) and am as lean as I was that day 20 years ago. What’s different this time? I did it easily, without crazy training and diet, which is not only sustainable, but enjoyable. I actually never sought out to get this lean, I sought out to be the healthiest version of myself possible, and getting this lean was simply a side effect.

I have been obsessed with studying the latest in health optimization, and what I have discovered is that what was thought to be true in a lot of the health and fitness industry in the past few decades is simply false today. I have learned and tried much of what is out there, and I not only look better, but feel better than I have in 20 years.

In order to help others do the same I have teamed up with @drmoirakwoknd and @adrianarentonrkin and created a 3 month virtual weight loss program to teach you all that we know and ensure that you get the same results. No chance you will not succeed on our watch!

For more info DM me or click on our link minthealthclinic.ca/virtual-weight-loss.

#virtualweightlossprogram #healthoptimization #biohacking

Functional training room slowly coming together! 💪 ...

Another reunion with Jumy Kim! Jumy is a third generation Tradition Chinese medical practitioner / acupuncturist and a natural born healer! If you haven’t seen her before, you must. Not only for your body, but your soul! Online booking with Jumy now available. ...

Another reunion with @foucher_physio a rock star physio with magic hands and a heart of gold. So happy to have her join our team! ...

Reunited with @drmoirakwoknd So happy to be working with this amazing person again!!! She is simply he best naturopath and person you will ever meet! ...

There are many gaps in our health care system, and many people are placed in a chronic pain or illness category that don’t necessarily need to be there.  At Mint Health Clinic we have compiled a dream team of like-minded and established practitioners of all different disciplines, dedicated to achieving our mission.  While our mission may be bold, we believe it can be achieved if we are able to understand what is really making us ill, and how we can collaborate conventional and alternative treatments to get everyone living their life to its fullest.

All of us health professionals provide insights in addressing certain aspects of our bodies, however treatments may be fragmented as no one health professional has all of the answers, leaving missing pieces in your health care puzzle.  Our collaborative approach incorporating complex case managers, and health coaches ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.  If there’s a solution out there for you, we will be relentless in finding it.

Alleviating your symptoms and conditions is only one side of the coin.  That’s not where we stop.  The other side is not only keeping you pain and disease free, but also understanding what a truly optimized life really looks like.  A life where your body, mind, and soul are operating in its peak form, essentially becoming a super human!

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